Tom Atherton


I find Ged’s books very worthy of their title – they are a very enjoyable read whilst opening our minds to thought options. His examples and anecdotes are very clear pointers and have certainly helped me to stay positive in the face of adversity. But even though his books are truly amazing, his music is beyond description. 

In his books, he advises us to imagine the words to be read out loud so that our minds can listen to them.  I do not listen to his music, I feel and absorb it. Whatever my mindset, at the first chords, I start to relax and a feeling of calm anticipation overtakes me (one of his song titles is ‘Calm me down’). His music is narcotic and heightens my perception.  I want to tell the world how much I am enjoying it and communicate with everyone around me who, seemingly, share my opinion. When he performs a ‘live stream’, the whole world does communicate and his impact is obvious. 

It is not surprising that his books are well written as he has vast experience writing his songs which are all stories often inspired by other stories. ‘The story so far’ gives us a clear message that our lives are continuous and that we add to our stories each moment.  Ged’s music definitely creates ‘wellbeing ‘ – perhaps in a future book he will explain how and why.

Just like your books and song title, Ged Roberts – you are AMAZING!!

Tom Atherton