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Thinking & Overthinking

There's nothing wrong with overthinking. It's really quite a natural process. We are all thinkers, and we all have the capacity & capability to over-think. The issue is the EXTENT to which we over-think.

Awareness & Understanding

This is where my Amazing Mindset Mentoring can help you. I will guide you to an awareness & an understanding of your own unique thinking process. Because no-one else thinks the way you do.

Thinking About Thinking

Thinking about your thinking will help you discover just how & why you over-think. You will begin to understand the power of Thought, & how it can be both creative & destructive.

Discover The Difference

Through my Amazing Mindset Mentoring you will discover the difference between 'healthy' thought & misguided, contaminated, or 'toxic' elements of your thinking, and this will free you up from over-thinking.

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Think Amazing: Your Guide to Mental Wellbeing

‘Think Amazing’ introduces us to thinking about our thinking. It guides us to think better about ourselves, think better about others, and think more clearly about the mental challenges that we face from day-to-day. In doing so, it helps protect us from our ‘toxic’, ‘contaminated’, or misguided thinking that affects both our mental and physical states. ‘Think Amazing’ helps us understand our own unique thinking, helps us accept and understand someone else’s unique thinking, and makes us aware of how crucial our thinking is in our everyday lives. Through this awareness of our thinking, we can begin to eradicate the toxic elements, and free up space in our heads for a clearer and healthier mind-set.

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Ged Roberts with Michael Neill
Ged with Michael Neill at the 'Three Principles' Conference in London, 2022.

About Ged Roberts

Ged is a highly respected musician, composer, arranger, entertainer, pianist, singer, and songwriter.

A few years ago, Ged became very interested in ‘mindfulness’, as it is known, studying ‘NLP’ with American Tad James, and Hypnotherapy with German Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr Klaus Mika.

Most recently, Ged was encouraged by leading life coach, Helen Diaz, to study the relatively new psychological paradigm of the “Three Principles”, and the work of Sydney Banks. He has attended all “3P” Conferences since 2019, and studied in particular the work of Canadian Michael Neill. Learn more.