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Ged does not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Instead he will develop a coaching programme unique to you.

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During November & December we covered “Thinking About Thinking”, “Coping with Criticism”, “What Other People Think”, & “Healthier Thinking”.
The January topics were “Overthinking” and “Really Listening”.

The FREE Zoom sessions continued into February & March, extending our conversations around “Really Listening”, and discussing the topics of “Catastrophizing”, and how we are “Wired for Thought”.

The last session in ‘Series 1’ was a looking back over all the sessions, and considering what we might have learned from them.

My thanks to all those who participated in the sessions!

Here are some of the comments made by attendees of my Series 1 Amazing Mindset Sunday morning Zoom sessions:

The “Series 2” sessions began on Sunday 7th April, and during these sessions we looked into some of the stories that I wrote in my first two books, “Amazing-A voyage of self-discovery”, and “The Amazing Sequel”.

The first story that we  considered was “The Talk with No Name”, which considers our tendency to be Judgmental….

The series continued until  Sunday 28th April, before we had to break for the summer vacation. My thanks once again to everyone who participated, and I hope we can do more of these Zoom sessions in the autumn. You can join the “Amazing Group” for one or more of these free sessions, and you can do so by emailing your request to join to gedroberts@hotmail.com

In the meantime I’m offering a weekly free podcast, commencing Monday 1st July and continuing every Monday for 12 weeks. The first of these ‘mini-podcasts’, as they are only very short in length, considers our Uniqueness in Thinking. The subsequent topics include “Really Listening”, “Wired for Thought”, “Thinking Traps”, “Regrets”, and “Coping with Criticism”.

'Tailor-Made' Coaching

Ged’s passion for wellness & wellbeing is not something new.

His interest in the subject goes back many years to when he was introduced to NLP, where he studied the work of American, Tad James.
Ged then took a huge interest in Hypnotherapy, and learned much from numerous meetings with the notorious German clinical hypnotherapist, Dr Klaus Mika.
But it was Ged’s introduction to the ‘Three Principles’ by life coach and friend Helen Diaz in 2018 that really motivated Ged to delve deeper into the world of wellbeing.
As he quotes, “I flirted with NLP & hypnotherapy, but then I fell in love with the Principles”.

Since then, Ged has immersed himself in the work of ‘3P’ coaches and therapists, has written three books based on the power of Thought, and has become a ‘Thinking’ specialist.

He created, in 2023, the Amazing Mindset Mentoring, specifically designed for what he calls ‘tailor-made’ or ‘bespoke’ coaching into mental awareness.

Ged Roberts coaching AstraZeneca employees
Ged Roberts giving a talk to the finance department of AstraZeneca in Cambridge, UK in May 2023.

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