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Ged with famous German Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Klaus Mika
Ged with famous German Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Klaus Mika.

Quick Facts About Me

  1. Ged has written three mindfulness books: Amazing; The Amazing Sequel and Think Amazing.
  2. Ged is a highly respected musician, composer, arranger, entertainer, pianist, singer, and songwriter – in 2006, Ged was presented with a Gold Disc for his song, “Tell Me You Love Me”.
  3. Some of his songs have been recorded by Irish singing star, Daniel O’Donnell.
  4. During the lockdowns following Covid-19, Ged performed over 200 live streams over the Internet, bringing joy, pleasure, and indeed hope & encouragement to followers world-wide.
  5. He has lived and worked on the island of Tenerife for the past 32 years.

My Mindset Philosophy

There are numerous definitions and ‘meanings’ of mental wellbeing which can be found by searching the internet.
There’s one definition which says: “Mental wellbeing means feeling good – about yourself and the world around you – and being able to get on with life in the way you want.”

For me this is a kind of Utopian mental wellbeing.
Because you can’t feel good all the time.
You can’t feel good about yourself all the time.
You can’t feel good about the world around you all the time.
And you most certainly can’t get on with life the way that you want to all the time.

Mental wellbeing is, for me, not just simply about the feeling good.
For me, it’s the ability to cope with life’s challenges when it doesn’t feel so good.
Being able to think clearly, handle our emotions carefully, and act wisely.
Through the good, the bad, and the in-between.

It’s our ability to cope with the ups and downs of everyday life.
It’s how we respond to life’s ups and downs.
It’s how we think, how we handle the emotions, and how we act.

Life has a habit of throwing all sorts of situations at us.
Life poses us so many difficult situations.
Between family, friends, work, and health, there is an ongoing supply of challenges that we have to face.
Our state of mind is all about how we deal with life’s challenges.

To me, our mental wellbeing is our ability to face life’s challenges, and, with some clear thinking, to address them, even if they can’t be solved there and then, without causing us any unnecessary worry, stress, or anxiety.
That doesn’t mean you’re not going to worry about stuff, feel pressure or stress from time to time, or even get a little anxious.
It’s quite normal to worry. It’s natural.
It’s quite normal to feel pressure or stress from time to time. It’s natural.
And it’s quite normal to feel a little anxious from time to time. That’s natural, too!
But some clear or healthy thinking, or some clarity of thought, can minimise the worry, the stress, and the anxiety, so that they don’t get the better of you.

This, for me, is mental wellbeing.
It’s kind of being in some sort of control of whatever life decides to throw at you.
Knowing there’s an answer, a resolution, or a solution, that can be found with some clear-minded thinking.

My Journey

From Schoolteacher to Professional Musician; from Songwriter to Author & Mindset Mentor.

  • 1973 – 1977
    Chester College of Education. I studied Music & Education, specializing in Composition, Creativity, & Child Psychology. I graduated with a 2:1 Degree (Liverpool University)
  • 1977 – 1985
    I was employed as a schoolteacher at Kingsholm Primary School, Gloucester.
  • 1985 – present day
    Professional Musician, working internationally. Composer, Songwriter & Entertainer.
  • 2018
    I was introduced to the “Three Principles”, a relatively ‘new’ psychological paradigm.
  • 2020
    I published my first book, “Amazing-A Voyage Of Self-Discovery”.
  • 2021
    I published my second book, “The Amazing Sequel-A Sojourn into Self-Awareness”.
  • 2022
    I began to create my own Wellness and Wellbeing programme.
  • 2023
    I published my third book, “Think Amazing-Your Guide to Mental Wellbeing”, & I created Amazing Mindset Mentoring.

What I can do for you

'Tailor-Made' Coaching

Ged does not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Instead he will develop a coaching programme unique to you.

Free Sunday Discussion Group

During November and December, 2023, Ged is inviting you to sign up for free Sunday morning discussion groups.