Ged’s ‘QR’ of the week #8


“Today you are going to plant seeds in everything you do, and with everyone you meet. Based on how you show up, those seeds will become flowers or weeds.”

Steven Bartlett


This is suggesting to us that in order to get the most out of our day-to-day lives, we simply have to try to be the very best versions of ourselves. This might not be as easy to do as to suggest, but an awareness of it will serve as a gentle reminder when we find ourselves perhaps not being the ‘best versions’ of ourselves. You know, the times when you are a little fractious, impatient, arrogant, self-important, aggressive, or not quite kind enough. A really lovely way to look at the ‘best version’ of you is to imagine what it like to meet that version….and try to be just that!

Until next week,

Ged Roberts
Author and Mindset Mentor