Ged’s ‘QR’ of the week #20


“When things are bad, remember it won’t always be this way. Take one day at a time. When things are good, remember it won’t always be this way. Enjoy every great moment!”

Doe Zantamata


This quote by Doe Zantamata reminds me of a book I recently read by a guy living in Denmark called Steve Petit. The book, a kind of autobiography, is called “A game of snakes & ladders”, and tells of the numerous ups and downs that a person faces in their life. 

We have to learn to accept that life is a balance. 

There will be the good, there will be the bad, there will be the easy, there will be the hard, there will be plenty and there will be not enough. When the going gets rough, we have to remind ourselves that it’s not always going to be this way, so we don’t fall into the trap of bringing ourselves down through our thinking and our negative overthinking. 

The frustration of the game of “snakes and ladders” is so true to life’s ups and downs.

Steve’s second book is called , “Keep throwing the dice”. Keep going. Don’t give up. Take the ups, accept the downs, but keep throwing the dice. 

What a wonderful title for a book about life!!

Until next week,

Ged Roberts
Author and Mindset Mentor