Ged’s ‘QR’ of the week #10 – New Year!


“A key to lifelong learning is to see everyone you meet as a potential teacher.”

Adam Grant


Adam goes on to say, “No-one has a monopoly on wisdom. Each interaction is a chance to question old assumptions and gain new perspectives. Collecting lessons from others is the fastest way to fill gaps in your experience.”

So, let’s take our old assumptions from 2023, and gain new perspectives in 2024.

And let’s look forward to our new interactions that simply WILL take place.

And let’s see if we can view our new interactions as potential teachers, whether they be young or old. 

Let’s not blinker ourselves from the POSSIBILITY that someone else really has something to say, and from which we can learn.

Let’s become better LISTENERS in 2024.

Let’s open our minds to new thoughts and ideas.

Let’s be curious about that which we may assume in 2023 to be ‘untrue’.

Maybe in 2024 we will have a new perspective.


At New Year, we say goodbye to the old, and we welcome in the new.

Happy New Year!

Until next week,

Ged Roberts
Author and Mindset Mentor