AM Podcast: The Uniqueness of our Thinking

In the first of 12 “Summer Season” podcasts, Ged discusses the uniqueness of our thinking, and how an understanding of this uniqueness can help us better understand and communicate with our fellow human beings, and, in doing so, help to create better versions of ourselves!

Ged Roberts is the author of 3 books:
“Amazing-A voyage of self-discovery”,
“The Amazing Sequel-A sojourn into self-awareness”,
& “Think Amazing-A guide to mental well-being”.
All 3 books are available on

If you would like to know more about Ged & his Amazing Mindset mentoring and coaching, you can visit his website,, you can connect with him on LinkedIn, or you can simply email him at

The music that accompanies this podcast is composed, arranged and performed by Ged Roberts.
The music playing during the introduction and ending is taken from a recording entitled “Arran”, and the accompaniment to the podcast itself is part of a recording entitled “Night Rain”.
Both compositions are registered (Roberts/Boita) and protected by PRS/MCPS.