Letting Go

In my first book, “Amazing-A Voyage of Self-discovery”, I wrote a story called ‘Miss World’.

The title suggests it’s something to do with a beauty pageant. But it’s not about that.

It could have had the title , ‘Mis World’, because the story is all about our mis-this and mid-thats.

It’s about how we mis-understand, mis-interpret, mis-calculate, & mis-judge; how we are mis-informed, mis-guided and mis-represented… all the mis-this & thats which cause us to make mistakes in life.

But it’s quite alright to make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. And we haven’t rehearsed this life. It’s our first attempt. 

So, it’s not going to be perfect, is it? 

And if we didn’t make mistakes along the way, we would never learn anything new from our experiences. 

The world’s top athletes and sportspersons make mistakes, and yet they practice for hours daily, and have practiced their skills for years.

We haven’t had that opportunity in life. So let’s not beat ourselves up for having made bad decisions, or done things we’re not proud of, or caused relationship problems. They were our mistakes. At the time.

Did we learn from them?

Hopefully, yes.

And do we have to dwell on them? Or is it time to simply let them go?