A Snippet From “Think Amazing”


It’s quite incredible how much our thinking of the world around us, and our thinking in general, is largely dictated by the way in which we think about ourselves.

All that self-consciousness, all those inhibitions, all that questionable self-esteem, that lack of self-confidence, and all those fears.

Fear of failure, fear of being made fun of or ridiculed, fear of not ‘fitting in’, fear of being left out, fear of simply not being good enough.

Where on earth have all these fears and ‘lack of’ feelings come from? 

The answer is that this is the way that your brain has been wired over the years. 

If you were made to feel frightened when you first crossed a road, for example, you will carry that fear with you. 

If you were told by your school teachers that you weren’t good enough, or you were a ‘failure’, then you will carry those burdens with you through your life. 

The way that you were made to feel in those early years, and later years, too, plus all your life experiences, has made you very much the thinker you are today.

So, isn’t it about time we started to ‘Think Amazing’ about ourselves?

Isn’t it time we started to throw away some of those ‘thinking the worst’ moments?

Isn’t it time we realised that just doing our best, and being our best, is simply the best that we can do? 

And what other people may or may not think about the best that we can do really has no place in our heads. 

The best that we can be is simply the best that we can be.

 If we give our best, and we try our best, then no-one can accuse us of not giving or trying.

Our amazing thinking has allowed us to think ‘not-so-amazingly’ about ourselves over the years, to the point where our own egos are standing in our way, and preventing us from moving forward.

Hopefully, ‘Think Amazing’ has taught us to remove much of this ‘not-so-amazing’ thinking from our heads, and cleared some space for some of that healthier thinking.

The change is, “It might be”, instead of “It might not be.”

The change is, “It could be”, instead of “I’m not sure if it can be.”

The change is, “I might be able to”, instead of “I can’t”.

The change is, “I doesn’t matter what other people say”, instead of “I wonder what they’re going to say about me if I do that?”

There’s a lovely quote by a famous actress which reads: “If there’s anything you should stop wearing after the age of 30, it’s the weight of other people’s opinions!”

We all have amazing qualities, some of which are hidden inside us even from our own sight.

I recommend you read or re-read the chapter in my first book entitled “You”, and consider all those incredible adjectives that describe things about you, and what you have, rather than what you don’t have. 

And remember, you are unique, and your thinking is unique!

If you enjoyed this snippet from Ged Roberts’ Think Amazing, you can buy the book here.